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    A Lady Arrives


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    A Lady Arrives Empty A Lady Arrives

    Post by Eki on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:06 pm

    A dirty transport ship docks at Alacritas Harbor, with its cargo of sad souls and grizzled crew. The desperate, diseased, undesirable passengers did not speak a lick of English and came here to escape their homeland. Only one soul within the ship bore some dignity... a dark robed young woman. All those on board left her alone, leaving her isolated. She was always isolated, and it wasn't the mortal's fault. Her very being induced some unease within weak souls.

    The captain yelled at the passengers in a thick dialect that she couldn't understand. Seemed they reached port, and they had to get out. She welcomed the sea salt in the winds. As much as she wanted to fly across the sea, it would of caused a wide speculation. Mortals have grown interested in unidentified flying objects in the last sixty years, and flight for the last hundred. She had to commute with mortals to reduce the off chance of being caught and researched in a laboratory.

    As they were getting shuffled out to the pier, the mortals gave something to the captain as the remains of service. She was stopped, and he put his hand out. He wanted something from her. She quickly touched his chest, and walked away. The captain yelled, but suddenly started coughing blood. The crew didn't know what to do, as the captain writhed in pain and collapsing to the ground. The rest of the passengers stampeded, dispersing into the city as confusion ate at the crewman. Little do they know was that they were going to suffer an isolated contagion. Death just sped it up for one individual.

    She looked at the lights of the city.

    Of what story shalt I witness?

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    A Lady Arrives Empty Re: A Lady Arrives

    Post by Zergio on Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:13 pm

    Zergio smile at the sun coming up, he observed how beautiful it was and his wings spread with tranquility at the though of the warm essence of the sun, the temperature was raising slowly as the minutes went by. The closer he got to the docks a smell of salt began making its presence in the air, it was refreshing all the atmosphere was calm and harmony up in the sky. Slowly Zergio began his descent and notice that the air grow heavier, making it difficult to breath. This was an odd feeling something was out of place but at the same time it was required to be like that.

    Zergio looked around the docks, his wings folded together covering his body, slowly they began merging together to create a coat. Holding both sides of the coat he press the fabric against his skin and let out a warm breath. As soon as the air came out of his mouth it turned in to gas, a lot similar like what you will see in countries up north, regardless this was not something common at the Harbor of Alacritas. His eyes moved trough the ships, two sailors rushed behind him pushing him with their shoulders, they where holding a Captain, who was coughing up blood trying to hold him self together.

    This was very familiar, the captain of the ship had in him a strange aura, it was as if, no that was impossible...there is no reason for her to be here, and if there is I fear for this city Zergio's eyes followed the commotion aboard the ship, more sailors began coughing nothing to be alarm of, for the sailors, but for some one that had travel trough space and time and have seen the unseen things it was a different story. this was no accident. This was very similar... no it was almost identical to the old plagues that have shock the world of humans this was a signature.

    Now all that was left was to find the person responsible for the events taking place all around him, he hasn't seen her in ages but he was sure to recognize her, as one was the opposite of another, as night is to day, he knew that he will be able to identify her person, the question was who will identify the other first.

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