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    Lady Death Empty Lady Death

    Post by Eki on Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:36 pm

    Name: Death
    Nickname: Any mythos.  "Lady" or "Lady Death" seems to stick though.
    Race: Deity
    Age: Immortal

    Lady Death Sample11

    Hair Style:Short, braid in the back
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Ice blue
    Clothing: Pieces of armor, dark robes

    Personality:  Stoic.  Shows a wider variety of emotion to those that interest her.  Moves with purpose.
    Strengths: Intelligent, Honest
    Weaknesses: Lonely, Blunt
    Hobbies: Reads books about heroes (includes mangas)
    Quirks: Likes tragic figures

    Starting Level(0-3): 3
    Powers: Fear Inducement, Necromancy, Absolute Immortality (self), Levitation (to self), and Weapon manipulation (history's dead heroes).  She has had enough time to control her abilities so as to not inadvertently cause death to those nearby.  Her preferred weapon is her Death Scythe, but she can use the weapons of fallen heroes with equal proficiency.  

    History: Since the beginning of creation, she has watched the fates of mortals and judged the souls to the afterlife.  She would be among the populace, watching history unfold around her.  She enjoys watching the endeavors of heroes and heroines, giving them a choice to serve her in death, allowing them a personal sanctuary.  Something now draws her to Alacritas City...

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