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    Cumulus Billingsworth


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    Cumulus Billingsworth Empty Cumulus Billingsworth

    Post by beem0b0t on Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:13 pm

    Name: Cumulus Billingsworth
    Nickname: Billy Bones
    Race: Undead skeleton
    Age: 10,347

    Hair Style: no hair
    Hair Color: no hair
    Eye Color: hollow eye sockets
    Clothing: Worn and dirt covered Steel helmet with a black jewel in the center. Blood stained leather boots.
    Accessories: Steel sword and Shield with a Griffon as the insignia.
    Other Details: Bones are heavily scratched, scarred, and charred in certain places.

    Personality: Very cynical and matter of fact. He has lived for quite some time and has tired of living, which causes for many grumpy outbursts and slight angsty depression. Couple that with a working knowledge of almost everything that has happened since you died and you have Cumulus.

    Strengths: He was his unit's greatest fighter and is very skilled with many different forms of weapons and martial cadence.

    Weaknesses: He is a literal bag of bones. As he can only recover damage outside of combat, breaking said bones causes him to become pretty useless, pretty fast. He also has almost no capability with magic whatsoever, save for the fact that his bones will reform after long periods of time.

    Hobbies: Hobbies include: lamenting, thinking, cynicism, crushing peoples hopes and dreams and anything else he can find to pass the time. Oh, and finding a necromancer with enough power to redo his curse and send him back to his afterlife.

    Quirks: Despite being a jerk, Cumulus prides himself on his sense of justice and fair play. He wont attack an unarmed or defenseless target or kill people who are not facing him. Cumulus is no petty assassin. He takes pride in battle.

    Powers: Martial Cadence. Cumulus's many, many, MANY expansive years of training has left him knowledgeable to just about any weapon one can throw to him. His prowess of magic however is very weak because of his focus on power. Additionally, Due to his necromantic curse, Cumulus's soul is bound to this planet, and will reform his skeleton after 10-24 hours if ever destroyed or damaged. This process is physically, mentally, and spiritually excruciating and causes him a great deal of stress. years of decay and reformation has given this "power" a sour taste, in a sense, in Cumulus's skeletal mouth.

    History: Cumulus was the captain of his unit for a good 35 years, more than 10,000 years ago. He had led his Kingdom into victory many times over, and created a name for himself all over the world. Ever since his name spread, he was sought after by assassins and enemy kingdom's, but none ever succeeded in his slaying. None, until Cumulus led a siege against an over seas kingdom, led by a warlock king. While the warlocks had their magic, the war was at equal odds, until the king entered the fight himself. Every fight after that point was hopeless for Cumulus and led more the path of a massacre. The warlock destroyed wave after wave of soldiers and led his troops back to the very kingdom that started this affront, destroying that too. However, the king appreciated power and that was exactly what Cumulus had. The king attempted a deal with Cumulus, fight for him and live. Whatever it was, Cumulus chose the latter. The king, with a wicked grin, had him slain on the spot in the most horrifically painful way he could think. But his torment was not to end there, for the warlock had his soul trapped in a gemstone. The gemstone was to hold his soul for eternity, and the warlock bound it to his helmet, granting him all of Cumulus's skill in combat.

    Years passed and the warlock was eventually claimed by death. His body however, was fused to the helmet and taken over by the second part of his curse. Cumulus's second life was one to be eternal and depressive. Cumulus attempted thought of this as a second attempt to bring his kingdom to glory, and lead his unit. But his skeletal visage was shunned by those who looked upon it. He was left an outcast, to wander for eternity and despair that he would never find his well deserved rest. However, Cumulus's warrior spirit would never be broken. To this day, they say he still wanders, searching for a magician with the power to remove his dark and eternal curse, to release him from his nightmare. He seeks his true peace and he will stop at nothing and do whatever he must to achieve his only goal.

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    Post by RoyLancaster on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:04 pm

    Interesting. Approved.

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