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    Post by Dorian Featherfall on Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:22 pm

    Name: Dorian Featherfall
    Nickname: White Shadow / The Wind
    Race: Human
    Age: 28

    Hair Style: Short and Spiky
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Blue
    Dorian Featherfall EdgeDS

    Personality: Dorian is a cold and distant man. He keeps his distance when people are around, and tries to stay by himself when he can.
    Strengths: Quick on his feet, Analytical
    Weaknesses: Works best alone, so he has a hard time relying on people
    Hobbies: Meditating, enjoying nature
    Quirks: Almost always tries to stay out of sight.

    Starting Level(0-3): 3
    Powers: Invisibility to what he can touch with his skin, and Wind manipulation.

    History: Dorian was accidentally abandoned when he was too young to remember his parents. His invisibility powers accidentally triggered on their own when his mother looked away for one second when she had him in the park for a walk. She panicked and started searching everywhere but the stroller he was still sitting in. In her desperate search, a random thug walked up and stole the stroller that he was sitting in, noticing her purse and other valuables hidden away in it.

    The thug eventually realized that Dorian was still in the stroller when his powers deactivated. He was going to abandon baby Dorian, but realized that he could use him for bigger plans. When they both realized that Dorian could become invisible, they trained him to be an even better criminal, utilizing his power to the fullest. Over the years, the thug became more of a con artist, using young Dorian as his centerpiece in his plans.

    When Dorian was older, the thug started to introduce him to robbery and theft, but when on one job that involved stealing antiques from an old Japanese man, Dorian's life took a big turn around. The man has caught Dorian in the middle of his theft, and when the young boy turned on the old man, Dorian proved to be little challenge. The old man effortlessly brushed the boy aside, Dorian was young and small, but he could normally take on most adults, and surely an old man shouldn't be a challenge.

    No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't lay a finger on the man. When Dorian was finally tuckered out, the man spoke for the first time. He talked Dorian down, asking him why he was doing this, and about his family. Moved by the young boy's tale, he decided to take him as an apprentice, but first, he had to change him as a human being.

    He began to talk to Dorian about his actions, and how they effect the people he hurts, about the tale of his mother, and how the very actions he takes now, were responsible for his mother's sorrow and eventual depression. He had heard years ago, about a silver haired woman who had lost their child, and then the stroller afterwards, he then recently heard about her suicide from the depression caused by the loss of her son. He saw her face in the paper, and the boy was her spitting image.

    Dorian resolved to change, and this was when the old man told him about his past. He was a ninja back in Japan, but when he had enough of killing, he moved to Alacritas City. The antiques he was stealing where actually relics from his old ninja clan that he brought with him.

    Over the years that they trained together, the old man instilled a sense of justice in him, and his second power showed itself, and they began to develop it as well. Unfortunately, the ninja was quite an old man, and eventually died of natural causes, this happened when Dorain was 16. Alone, and only knowing how to fight, steal, and kill, Dorian was lost on what to do, but eventually got into the assassination business, but he would only ever kill other criminals.

    Name: Ninja Training
    Type: Passive
    Description: Through his training with his old master, Dorian learned one of the key rules of being a ninja, never make a sound.
    Effect: Unless it is unfeasible, i.e. the ground is covered with broken glass, Dorian's movements never make a sound.

    Name: Qi Gong
    Type: Passive
    Description: Qi Gong is the cultivation and balance of Chi. Dorian has an abundant amount of Chi, and his master saw this and trained him on how to utilize it. Dorian uses his life energy in both defensive, and offensive ways.
    Effect: When he lets an energy attack go through to his endurance and successfully stops it, and doesn't deflect it, then he can add 10% of the power of that attack, into his next attack.

    Name: Shaking Palm Style
    Type: Active
    Description: Dorian gathers Chi to his hand and delivers a blow to the target's body, sending his Chi into his opponent in waves. These waves disrupt their own flow of Chi and makes it difficult for them to move afterwards.
    Effect: Target's Accuracy and Speed are reduced by 15% each for 1 turn if Shaking Palm Style deals damage.
    Multiplier: Focus x1.3
    Uses: 2
    Cooldown: 5

    Name: Turtle Style
    Type: Active
    Description: Dorian covers himself in his Chi for a protective layer.
    Multiplier: Endurance x1.5 until his next turn
    Uses: 2
    Cooldown: 5

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