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    Stat Creation Template


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    Stat Creation Template Empty Stat Creation Template

    Post by Bloo on Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:20 am

    Before you post here, make sure you read the descriptions and uses of stats in the Rules!



    To qualify for a level 3 promotion, you must have made 75 posts and get admin permission. To qualify for a level 4 promotion, you must have made 150 posts and have admin permission.

    To request permission for a promotion to level 3 or 4, simply post in the same thread you used to make your starting stats and say you want a promotion and who you're taking. An admin will look at it and tell you where your challenge will take place, if you're allowed to take one. If most of your posts have been in the Chatting Corner, and we feel your rp isn't quite strong enough, we may say no to your promotion request.

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