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    Post by RoyLancaster on Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:16 pm

    Name: Roy Marcus Lancaster.
    Race: Human/Undead.
    Age: Depends on where you know him from. If you know him in present time, 37. If you knew him from when he was alive, somewhere closer to 600+.
    Current Level: Level Two.

    Hair Style: Relatively messy.
    Hair Color: Black.
    Eye Color: A kind of soulless grey.
    Clothing: Roy wears a semi-professional grey suit with a white undershirt and a red tie.
    Accessories: The red tie.
    Other Details: His boots are brown.

    Personality: Roy's an asshole and a liar, plain and simple. You have to be to be doing what he wants to be doing. He cares nothing for the feelings of others, most of the time, and makes vague promises to allure people into joining in on his goals. When he talks, no matter the situation, he applies a thick layer of casual sarcasm, and sometimes can just act plain damn weird. However, if he promises something to get someone to assist him, and they do assist him, he will hold up his promise. While there may not have been much honor inside of him at the outset, whatever shred there was seems to still be there after his trip to and from Hell.
    Strengths: Roy seems near impervious to damage. He does not flinch, he does not feel pain. Somehow decapitating him does no more damage to him than poking him in the nipple with a sharp pen. Roy has also seen many things in many places, Hell included, so the horrors of the living world that he witnesses (or sometimes commits) always seem small-scale to him.
    Weaknesses: All this said, Roy is not the type of person to commit to one thing for too long. If he wants something, he wants it now, and if it takes too long, he gives up any sort of hope that he will ever achieve it and will switch to a new thing.
    Hobbies: Roy enjoys getting what he wants, though what he wants varies by the day. He also sings. A lot.
    Quirks: He's a walking dead body.

    History: Roy was born in France in 1371 to an alcoholic, abusive, mildly mentally retarted father and a prostitute mother. He was raised terribly wrong right from the start. It began as petty thievery, pranks, stuff like that, but by the time Roy turned seven, it had enhanced to killing neighbors' pets, to killing neighbors by the next year. At the age of eleven, Roy slaughtered his embarrassing whore of a mother and ran from home. Over the next twenty-six years, Roy journeyed across Europe, in and out of prisons, leaving a trail of death, depressed families, and angry souls in his wake. Eventually, he was tracked down by his father and killed in cold blood.
    Upon death, Roy was sent to Hell, which didn't feel like much of a change to him. The food wasn't as good, but aside from that, it was relatively comforting to one of his mental state. Roy spent centuries here, doing whatever it is one does in Hell; Roy does not share this information. This lasted until one incredibly inconvenient day when Roy was somehow set free.
    Set free may be the wrong term. To be specific, Roy was relaxing one day and dragged out, kicking and screaming, the next. Not his body, just his soul; it was deposited inside the fresh corpse of some accountant working for a company that produced mattresses. The body was not his, and harming the body did not harm Roy. He knows, he tested it. He also gained new, interesting powers, unlike anything he had seen before. Fully equipped to take his pleasures from the world, Roy set out.
    He, however, quickly found out that this new world held no pleasures for him. It wasn't even as fun as the late 1300s. At this point in time, Roy wanted nothing more than to return to the pit from whence he came. In fact, he wanted to share this pleasure with the rest of humanity. Unfortunately, from where he was in this new life, he could not, so he set to work, climbing the ladder of this mattress company (through wholly illegitimate means), using what he power has gained to attempt to open a gate to hell and suck the entirety of this world into it.
    He hasn't had too much luck with the Hell thing so far.

    Powers: Roy's power can be called Personal Anatomy Manipulation. Some basic examples of this include turning his arm into a mass of tentacles or shutting off his nervous system so he does not feel pain. An advanced example is intertwining his security systems in his building with a custom-produced organ that is hooked up with it, so that when he sits in his chair and attaches himself to the organ, he can see whatever his security cameras see.

    Name: Nice try.
    Type: Defensive Passive Buff.
    Description: Roy's body isn't at its prime at the same time that most other bodies are at their prime. Roy has to weather a little bit of combat and take a little damage before his body really figures out what's going on and gets its combat juices flowing.
    Effect: Once Roy hits 50% of his maximum HP as current HP, he gains 10% damage reduction that lasts five turns.
    Uses: None.
    Cooldown: None.

    Name: What were you aiming at?
    Type: Strategic Passive.
    Description: Roy does not need to be accurate. Roy cares very little about if he can punch something, as his punches will hold no weight. What Roy cares about is being fast enough. Fast enough to jump in front of an oncoming bullet, fast enough to ready a defense before the bullet hits. Speed is key for Roy.
    Effect: Roy uses his Speed stat in place of his Accuracy stat when determining things such as reacting to attacks, unless he's trying to overpower or counter it.
    Uses: None.
    Cooldown: None.

    Name: You. Hey, you. Yes, you, fatass.
    Type: Strategic Technique.
    Description: Most would regard Roy as annoying. He's not particularly maddening, and he doesn't make people angry. He tries, but he just doesn't. So he settles for annoying. He's gotten decent at it. Decent enough to make opponents forget there's anyone else in the fight and focus their attention one hundred percent on him.
    Effect: Roy taunts one enemy, forcing them to turn all their offensive actions towards Roy for one turn (at minimum, one action must be an attack that turn).
    Uses: Three uses.
    Cooldown: Four turn cooldown.

    Name: I like the suit.
    Type: Strategic Defensive Technique.
    Description: Unfortunately, sometimes, Roy can get to be a bit clingy, especially in combat where he feels he has to protect someone. Fortunately, however, Roy's version of clinginess is sometimes an incredibly valuable defensive tool. It may be gross watching him wrap a part of himself around another person, but it's safe, it's warm, and it gives one this nice hugged-even-while-under-attack feeling.
    Effect: The target gains defensive stats equal to Roy's defensive stats for two turns. During this time, if the defensive stats are surpassed, Roy takes the remainder of the damage. During this duration, Roy cannot make offensive moves, such as attack. This ability can be combined with up to one multiplier, at the cost of increasing the cooldown on this ability by one turn. The cooldown on this ability begins normally, not when the effect is over.
    Uses: Three uses.
    Cooldown: Four turn cooldown.

    Name: Foolhardiness.
    Type: Defensive Technique.
    Description: Some opponents just need to know that they can't harm Roy. Sometimes it's possible, but most of the time, he simply has too much he is capable of to thoroughly negate an attack.
    Effect: Endurance x1.3.
    Uses: Three uses.
    Cooldown: Three turn cooldown.

    Name: I don’t think that’s going to work.
    Type: Defensive Technique.
    Description: Roy’s durable already. What people don’t realize is that he can easily make himself much more durable.
    Effect: Defense x1.3.
    Uses: Three uses.
    Cooldown: Three turn cooldown.

    Name: No.
    Type: Defensive Technique.
    Description: Roy said no.
    Effect: Defense x1.4.
    Uses: Three uses.
    Cooldown: Four turn cooldown.

    Name: I said no.
    Type: Defensive Technique.
    Description: Are you deaf? Roy said no.
    Effect: Endurance x1.5.
    Uses: Two uses.
    Cooldown: Five turn cooldown.

    Type: Hybrid
    Specialization: Defensive
    Defense: 165
    Endurance: 165
    Speed: 120
    Health: 750

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