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    Cumulus Billingsworth's Techniques


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    Cumulus Billingsworth's Techniques Empty Cumulus Billingsworth's Techniques

    Post by beem0b0t on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:40 pm

    Name: Wind Razor
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Through immense physical training, Cumulus can strike with enough force to create gusts of wind that can damage enemies with high speeds
    Effect: x strength
    Uses: ---
    Cooldown: ---

    Name: Riven
    Type: Offensive/Debuff
    Description: Cumulus strikes an enemy with great force backed by the intention of breaking his enemy's defenses.
    Effect: x 1.5 strength, and if the attack hits without being semi overpowered or semi dodged the target's defense is lowered by 10% for 1 turn.
    Uses: 3
    Cooldown: 3

    Name: Empowered Defenses
    Type: Defensive/Buff
    Description: Cumulus raises his shield, assumes a defensive stance and prepares for the worst.
    Effect: Cumulus gains a 5% bonus to his defense and endurance for 2 turns.
    Uses: 3
    Cooldown: 2

    Name: Prepared Counter-attack
    Type: Defensive/Offensive
    Description: Cumulus prepares himself for an incoming attack, to which he will attempt to counter with his own as a prepared action.
    Effect: Cumulus gains a 10% bonus Defense, Endurance, or Strength when attempting to block or counter an oncoming attack. This effect only lasts for the turn after which it is used.
    Uses: 4
    Cooldown: 3

    Name: Force Regrowth
    Type: Healing/Debuff
    Description: Cumulus forces a regeneration of his skeleton, healing himself, while simultaneously weakening his soul.
    Effect: Cumulus regenerates 10% of his missing health instantaneously, but loses 5% of his strength, defense, and endurance. This tech takes both action turns.
    Uses: 1
    Cooldown: every 12 hours

    Cumulus's techs. I don't honestly think force regrowth will be approved, but i thought it was a cool idea at the time. Pending approval/discussion of previous 4 techs.

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