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    Hannii Yoshinozuka


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    Hannii Yoshinozuka Empty Hannii Yoshinozuka

    Post by beem0b0t on Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:55 pm

    Name: Hannii Yoshinozuka
    Alias: Subject H4nn11 - Cherub Series # 0
    Race: Cyborg/Robot
    Age: 7 years
    Gender: Technically  Male
    Hair style: Cropped out of "his" face, save for one stubborn strand that seems to defy gravity.
    Hair color: Dirty blonde/ Burgundy
    Skin tone: As white, if not whiter, as snow.
    Eye color: Silver, with barely visible white pupils.
    Clothing: A Dalmatian hoodie, under which "he" wears nothing.
    Accessories: Dalmatian tail and ears to match his hoodie. His sleeves are hidden and can be pulled into the hoodie.
    Other details: "He" is not anatomically correct by any means to that of a human, let alone a male.
    Hannii Yoshinozuka WUBr5KY
    Personality: He is incredibly smart, as far as one of his age goes, but very naïve. Because Hannii is 7 years old in his mind, he tends to have a low attention span. Hannii is completely aware that he isn't human, but he does not entirely know what he really is, although whether this be denial of being a robot or just obliviousness has yet to be revealed.
    Strengths: As a robot, he sports a wide array of helpful gadgets, gizmos, and even weaponry. For example, Hannii had enhanced strength, speed, a computer-like memory, different vision types, and all sorts of technological savvy.
    Weaknesses: As a 7 year old, he sports a fear of being alone, the dark, clowns, certain things that move suddenly, any an overactive curiosity. Hannii wanders far more than his own good would have him and creates bonds with people who treat him with almost any form of kindness.
    Hobbies: Bird watching, bird chasing, eating candy, running, chasing cats, playing with dogs, eating cookies, napping, and playing tag.
    Quirks: He talks a lot about his father being the greatest inventor EVER! He also cares very little for hide and seek, as that is what he claims took his father away from him.

    Powers: Hannii's body holds an incredible amount of weapons and features, as well as being made out of an incredibly hard alloy. However, due to his small stature, his abilities are limited heavily in usage.

    History: Hannii has no complete memory of his past. The memories he does have are of his father and him playing, however they are blurred and hazy. From what he can tell, his father was an inventor, he loved Hannii over everything else he created, and Hide and Seek caused his dad to leave forever.

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