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    Post by Webrins on Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:53 pm

    Webrins wrote:Name: Shiloh MgGuvern
    Nickname: Webrins
    Race: Human
    Age: 25

    Hair Style: Long
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Light Blue
    Clothing: Prefers wearing black. Main uniform consists of a black Kevlar vest, with white tank top underneath. Black leather jacket, gray metal-knuckle gloves. Black skirt with black compression shorts underneath. Black, fitted combat boots. And weapons.
    Accessories: Weapons..
    Other Details: She always has weapons?

    Personality: “I have a job to do” is the usual go-to reply from Webrins. Duty comes first, and she remains loyal to a fault when it comes to her homeland. To her, this job is her life. There is nothing else, and she’s willing to obey orders down to a T, as she has done in the past. Never has her will wavered, and she doesn’t see that happening anytime soon in the near future. She’s still normal, mind you, outside of work, but when there’s a fight, she’s locked on.
    Strengths: Loyal, well-trained and experienced, enthusiastic
    Weaknesses: Stubborn
    Hobbies: Training
    Quirks: She has a habit of giving stupid comments the silent treatment.

    Powers: Combat Strategy
    “Dude, that’s not even a power..” You’re right—it isn’t. She’s completely human, save for maybe some amazing physical fitness levels she’s managed over the years. Her major skill which has saved her time and time again is her ability to think on her feet in battle. With her trusty tactics, her signature long-range assault rifle, Starbone, and the allies she has working with her, entering a combat zone and solving problems is her super power.

    History: Her father was on the military force for 15 years before he perished, but that wasn’t the motivation in her life. Her mother, who married the man simply because it worked with her own schedule. When a man can’t be around that often, he can’t ask where you are when you aren’t home. As a Special Tactics Officer of the Alacritas Military, her duties came before her love life. That being said, she stepped over that line when she let herself get carried away over revenge for the monster that killed her husband.. by training her daughter in the ways she was trained and continuing a family tradition she swore off years before marrying.

    That being said, Shiloh, while unaware of the twisted plot she had been drafted into, remains aware of the lack of normalcy in her life. Little girls aren’t put through what she was put through. It’s still her life. It’s up to her to deal with it.
    Webrins wrote:
    Type: "Magical"
    Specialization: Speed

    Level: 1

    Strength: 28
    Defense: 24
    Focus: 110
    Endurance: 36
    Accuracy: 110
    Speed: 110

    Health: 300
    Webrins wrote:Name: Starbone Bullet Inventory
    Type: Passive
    Description: While Webrins' trademark weapon, Starbone (Barrett M81A1, .50 BMG--Dude, this thing is real!), is semi-automatic and very easy for her to load, which is important considering that she's been blessed with a technological department which graced her hands with some snazzy bullet modifications. While it doesn't require an action to load a special bullet, she can only use one special bullet to augment an action per turn.
    Effect: The following bullets are available to Webrins:

    • Exlposive--Explodes on contact with a medium-sized AoE burst.
      Armor-Piercing Shrapnel--When fired, separates into several small shrapnel which are built to pierce armors. Bullet immunity is ignored.
      Smokescreen--The bullet releases a medium-sized smoke cloud on impact which blinds all in a medium-sized AoE (the bullet deals damage, but the smoke does not).
      Holy/Silver/Garlic(wtf)--"You'll thank me when these work."

    Uses: Unlimited
    Cooldown: 1 bullet per turn

    Name: Neutralize
    Type: Offensive Multiplier
    Description: Webrins interrupts an opponent's action, ruining their strategy.
    Effect: (Acc*1.2) If Webrins' Accuracy is greater or equal to 110% of the action's Accuracy, the action is interrupted. The interruption does not waste uses of any techs that were interrupted, but the cooldown is triggered.

    If Webrins' Accuracy is greater or equal to 130% of the action's Accuracy, it is treated as if it were an overpower. The opponent's Speed does not come into play to dodge this overpower, as long as they spend an action to dodge the attack.
    Uses: 3
    Cooldown: 3

    Name: Disengage
    Type: Defensive Action/Nerf
    Description: Webrins finds a pattern in her enemies’ attacks, quickly centering herself and weaving between any offensive threat sent her way. The opponent becomes demoralized by her movements, intimidated by her swiftness, making it even harder for them to focus upon her.
    Effect: Spd*1.2, and simultaneously reduces the Accuracy of all enemies by 10% until the end of her next turn.
    Uses: 4
    Cooldown: 3

    Name: Guns Blazing
    Type: Offensive Passive Buff
    Description: When Webrins fires a ranged attack, she gets a rush.
    Effect: Acc * 10% for 5 turns.
    Uses: 2
    Cooldown: 5

    Name: Shots Fired
    Type: Offensive Action
    Description: Webrins launches a quick attack, aiming to land another in even quicker succession.
    Effect: Acc *1.3, and if this attack deals damage, the cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
    Uses: 3
    Cooldown: 3

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