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    Post by Stein on Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:45 am

    Name: Dracula de la Morte
    Nickname: Drac, Alucard
    Race: Zombie. Kind of.
    Age: 581

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    Hair Style: Very long, and in strands, though he likes to keep it in a neat fashion at all times. He accomplishes most of this by keeping the majority of it in the back in a ponytail, bound by a cloth.
    Hair Color: Indigo.
    Eye Color: Heterochromia (A different color in each eye). Golden iris in the right, a very intense sky blue iris in the left.
    Clothing: Despite his usual neat appearance, Dracula often wears a lab coat worn with use, so much so that its bottom edges are frayed in a ragged style. However, this lab coat is always kept clean, so that it is a brilliant white. This doesn't really change during spring and summer, but in autumn and winter, he might wear a brown trenchcoat over it. Each of the coats are lined with many inside and outside pockets, for carrying of his various equipment. In addition, he wears regular pants or jeans, and dress shoes, though he's not against switching to sneakers.
    Accessories: He carries two small bags on him at all times, which carries equipment that can't fit in his pockets. Though these are only about twice as large as any pocket on his coats, they seem to have a vast amount of holding space for his equipment. Although he can't pull something quite large out, he has been known to store hospital beds inside it in pieces to pull them out and reconstruct them. The largest piece he has ever been seen pulling out is a surgical machete.
    Other Details: Dracula has numerous scars on him from self-experimentation and augmentation. Over the years he got so good at his practice that he won't leave any scars unless he intentionally wants to.

    Personality: Dracula is a very curious man, though not in the way you may have taken it. Indeed, he inspires curiosity in those around him, but he is curious about the entire universe and its inner workings, having taken the phrase "Knowledge is power" to a horrifying extent. He wants to know everything the world has to offer, and doesn't mind betraying and cutting open people to find the facts. In fact, in a slight reiteration, he enjoys it. Having found a way to make his human body last well beyond their usual expiration date, he considers himself a kind of god, but he's not so arrogant as to impose his will onto others. He'd rather just think of everyone else as walking sacks of flesh for his next experiments.
    Strengths: He is bound determined on gaining every scrap of knowledge he can get, though he doesn't mind skipping over personal details as long as they don't mean anything to him. Although he is sadistic, he is also highly masochistic, and so enjoys pain rather than relenting at it.
    Weaknesses: Although his arrogance is not at tremendous levels, it is there. He also likes perfection, not wanting anything to be out of proportion.
    Hobbies: Surgery, dissection, reading, smoking, trapping, chemistry, and researching.
    Quirks: He often wanders off into thought, zoning out. He can hum quite a creepy tune akin to a lullaby while thinking.

    Powers: Miniscule Telepathy- Dracula has been at his art so long that he has ran into many gifted people. During one of his experiments on a telepath, the telepath lashed out at his mind, and in a freak accident, he obtained very minor telepathy. Whenever laying eyes upon a gifted person, whether it be with his own eyes or through electronics or a picture, he gets a vision of a simple case of someone using their power(s). In addition to this, writing will form in the vision giving him specific details of the power, so that he knows it through and through.

    Chemical Omniscience, Generation, and Manipulation- Dracula is an astute chemist, having worked at it for over five centuries. In accordance with his minor telepath ability, he has a perfect mental picture of the periodic table, and has even added to it in discovery of new elements. Any compound that can be formed from the current periodic table inside his mind can be identified by him upon sight, smell, taste, or touch. Any new material that presents itself would have to come into contact with him to be identified. Upon identification, the material is added to his mental periodic table.

    Upon being added to his mental periodic table, Dracula has gained the ability to form any amounts of these elements he wants. He can't really form large amounts of them; it's not used to form weapons and such, but rather chemical weapons and compounds like poisonous gases or hydrofluoric acid. He usually only makes flasks full of these compounds or less.

    The manipulation part of his power is only to suspend amounts of these compounds, and to mix them into these proper compounds on the atomic level. You most likely wouldn't see him launching a tidal wave of hydrofluoric acid at you unless he was at least level 5.

    History: Audio tape 017b, Subject "The Doctor" interview #1
    Interview conducted by Dr. Goodwin

    Goodwin: Thank you for coming in for our informative interview, Mr...?

    Subject: De la Morte.

    <The subject pronounces his surname in a French accent, saying Morte as "mort".>

    Goodwin: Right. And you told us your name is Dracula?

    <Goodwin says this in a humorous tone, earning a curt reply in a hissing tone from Dracula.>

    Dracula: I don't like your tone, doctor. That is my name. It's not as if I claim to be that ridiculous vampiric figure you people have fashioned into your fiction.

    Goodwin: I apologize, Dracula. May we begin the interview?


    Goodwin: Very well. Let's begin. How did you grow up?

    Dracula: I grew up in a small village with my mother and father, no siblings. My father, his father before him, and his father before him were all doctors, and expected me to be the same. As you can tell, he got his wish. I worked a small farm that my father ran, and on the off nights he went out drinking, he would beat me within an inch of my life if I did a minor thing wrong. Mother wouldn't do anything; just sit in her room.

    When I left my home to seek my studies, a few years later I was assigned to a surgery, and I did it with little complication...until the end. I was making the final cut, when someone burst in with news of a war. Surprised, I slit the man up and agape, and blood flew everywhere. It was then that my thirst for knowledge was awakened. I would learn everything I could.

    Goodwin: ...then what happened?

    <Subject ignites another cigarette.>

    Dracula: A few years later, I realized there was one lesson i was required to learn: how to preserve and immortalize myself so that I could continue my quest for ultimate knowledge. So I turned my knife unto myself, and started experimenting.

    <At this point, Subject takes off his lab coat partially, showing scars all along his arms and chest.>

    Goodwin: ...and you found what you were looking for?

    Dracula: Yes.

    <A silence permeates the room, before Goodwin prods.>

    Goodwin: ...so what exactly was it that you found?

    <Subject chuckles, amused.>

    Dracula: Come now, you think I'd really tell you that?

    <Armed men storm into the room, all aiming weapons upon subject.>

    Goodwin: My employers are quite persistent.

    <Subject laughs maniacally, before going into convulsions, and vomiting a clear substance onto the floor and table.>

    Goodwin: Dracula? Is something wrong?

    <Subject's voice is muffled.>

    Dracula: Perfectly fine, I'm afraid. I just decided to vomit a large quantity of chloroform into the room.


    <Subject gathers his <DATA REDACTED>, and then leaves the <DATA REDACTED> room with Goodwin's <DATA REDACTED> still inside. He escapes before our forces can arrive to detain him.>

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