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    Post by RoyLancaster on Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:54 pm

    Name: Charles DeVanderwick III.
    Nickname: Chuck.
    Race: Human.
    Age: 24.

    Chuck      44294641
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    Personality: Chuck is a pervert. He gets what he wants, and usually, he wants women. He fights for what he believes in, but if he doesn't believe in something, then it's worthless to him and he couldn't care less if he trampled all over it and those who believe in it.
    Strengths: Charles' devotion to the things he is devoted to is incredible, and Charles will never try to lead anyone astray. He does not lie; he only tells the truth as he sees it. He does, however, usually see very twisted versions of things, especially if it involves getting into a woman's pants.
    Weaknesses: Charles believes he is invincible. If a woman is involved, what should be his primary goal is immediately his secondary goal.
    Hobbies: Females. And sex.
    Quirks: Charles wants to weaponize people with powers.

    Powers: Telekinesis, but a special brand. Charles' telekinesis spawns from a creature that resides inside of him, that resides inside each firstborn male heir of the family name. Once a son is had, the creature moves on. The creature has no physical form whatosever, but can morph its spiritual one, and this creature is the telekinesis. If Charles uses his power to pick up a vase, the creature reaches out and lifts it. If he uses it to pick up and strangle a man, the creature lashes out, grabs the man, and wraps its pliable limbs around his throat until he ceases to breathe. This creature is ever attentive, meaning that sometimes it can see and affect things that Charles himself does not know about, or notice. It also phases through things that are not its goal; if Charles uses his power on something through a window, the creature can still reach out to affect it, despite there being a physical barrier. Magical or spiritual barriers are also ignored in this way, if Charles is more powerful than it. While the creature is invisible, even to Charles, it can be seen, even by Charles, if the user's Focus is equal to or greater than Charles' Focus. However, it has to be specifically sought out to be seen, and a logical reason as to why the character thinks there is something there to be seen must be provided. The creature can reveal itself if it wants. When it does, it just looks like a white, amorphous mass that hovers behind Charles, attached to his back.

    History: Charles was born into a wealthy family, a tribe of famous magicians and sorcerers. This line of "magic" extends back into the Renaissance, but until recently, it was completely mundane, simple smoke and mirrors. Three generations ago, Charles DeVanderwick I met and was enthralled by an otherworldly creature, that when sharing its power with DeVanderwick, caused him to seemingly move things with naught but a thought. This caused a great increase in the fame and popularity of the DeVanderwick family magic, and created a tradition to be passed down from father to son.
    The newest firstborn son, Charles DeVanderwick III, however, believes this could be used for a different purpose. The ability to move things with the mind, an incredible power, wasted on fancy displays and parlor tricks? No. This power was meant to be used to move the world.
    This power is a weapon.


    Focus: 120
    Endurance: 120
    Accuracy: 100
    Health: 420

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