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    Post by Avytrius on Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:38 pm

    Name: Kyte has many names, but for now, he uses Kyte Avytrius Sinaura.
    Nickname: Avy, Jaka, Jake
    Race: Demon
    Age: Immeasurable

    The Indomitable Full10

    Hair Style: Short, straight, but slightly spiky. Can change.
    Hair Color: Midnight black. Can change.
    Eye Color: Midnight black as well. Can change.
    Clothing: Kyte doesn't have a constant outfit. He could show up in a suit one day, and a military uniform the next. Some of his most common are the suit and the military uniform, though.
    Accessories: A red, ruby orb pendant, most often under his shirt. This is usually on him; rarely ever missing from his person. It was a gift from a friend of his.
    Other Details: As a demon, Kyte has certain qualities that he can use. Sometimes he can make people see fire in his eyes, or darken a room to instill horror, and small things like that, but it doesn't help in a combat situation.

    Personality: Kyte could be described as a bit bipolar. He even thinks he could have multiple personalities. This is because he can't figure out why he can be cold, calculating, and merciless to some people, yet around other people, he can be a hothead and a loudmouth.
    Strengths: Kyte is intelligent, free-spirited, and very loyal. He will protect his family at any cost. He would die for them...but so far, he hasn't had to resort to it. Kyte usually won't use his power to interfere with someone unless they interfere with him or his family.
    Weaknesses: Although Kyte knew it would come with a price, he loves his family very much. As such, one of his weaknesses could be his family.
    Hobbies: Most people might not consider it a hobby, but Kyte is always seeking to improve himself and become more powerful. He does seem to have standards; for example, he wouldn't increase his strength by augmenting his body with machines, or making a malicious contract; such as using an all-powerful sword at the cost of his own soul.
    Quirks: Kyte doesn't really have any unusual traits, though he does sometimes think silently and zone out for a bit.

    Starting Level(0-3): 3
    Powers: Metal Generation and Manipulation- Kyte has the power to spawn any kind of metal in the universe, though he mainly spawns sanguinite, alacris, dragonbane, and demon ore.

    Kyte can spawn 1 metal per action.
    Kyte's metals stay on the battlefield until they are destroyed. Each of Kyte's metals have a "Health" of their own, which are equivalent to his Focus.
    Kyte can move any amount of present metals with one action. Ex: If Kyte has two offensive swords out, he can use both to attack in one action.
    Kyte can combine two metals with one action. However, they have to stay on the same side of the spectrum. Ex: Kyte can combine two offensive metals, but not an offensive and defensive metal.

    History: Kyte is a demon that is as old as creation itself. As such, even making a small summary of his history would be complicated. However, he can have a tendency to lecture people since he views them as beneath him, and more than likely will reveal parts of his long history to them. People could also ask him, and he would happily share.

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    Post by Avytrius on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:07 pm

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