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    The Ether: Zergio Wotergat


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    The Ether: Zergio Wotergat Empty The Ether: Zergio Wotergat

    Post by Zergio on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:55 am

    Name: Zergio Wotergat
    Nickname:Jade Serpent.

    Ether Form:
    A 6m Long Jade Serpent like the one in the picture.

    Human Form:
    Hair Color:Long Black Hair
    Eye Color:Black
    Clothing:Dressing Pants, Casual Shoes, Shirt.

    Personality:Curious about new people, respectful, regal, caring.
    Weaknesses:Turns human randomly for 1 day(our time). If killed during this time he will stay death for 3 days, then his essence will leave the human body to find another.
    Hobbies:Traveling, Meeting interesting people.
    Quirks:Likes eating random things.

    Starting Level(0-3):3
    Powers:Ethereal Physiology.
    @ Non-corporeal form: Since he doesn't have a "real body" he is able to shape shift and sense other lifeforms and individuals of either the living plane or the death, He is able to travel in and out of dimensions.
    @Ethereal Manipulation: This can be translated to Life Force Manipulation is the ability to manipulate the essence of life inside of an individual or any living creature. It involves absorbing the life out of a living organism, transferring it to another or to one self, Healing and Resurrecting others. These are among the common uses for it.
    @Divinity: Inside of this group we can find, the powers of creating things from other things -for example creating a bed out of rubble- Move from one plane to another.

    History:Born out of the Universe Zergio wondered for thousands of years in search for meaning, he was concious of his existance but with out a body or a reason to adquire one he was not able to find the answers he seek for. During his life time he visited many planets and discovered many different life forms, only stopping his journey when he visited earth for the first time. There he learn of the human race and the varaity of ideas and philosophies that it had created, wanting to know more about them he decided to stay in earth for an unlimited period of time. He arrived before the dark ages began in Europe and have stay watching over the human race for quite some time now.

    [Note]:The Nature of my character dictates that he wont fight or start a fight with anybody if some one chooses to attack him he would simply dissolve and go some where else (if stats permit it)

    Level: 3
    Focus: 100
    Endurance: 100
    Accuracy: 100
    Speed: 100
    Health: 400

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