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    Bullet (WIP)


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    Bullet (WIP) Empty Bullet (WIP)

    Post by pikazard on Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:24 pm

    Name: He doesn't have one
    Nickname: Bullet
    Race: Altered human
    Age: 23

    Him: Bullet (WIP) Small-justhart
    His suit: Bullet (WIP) Black-mens-suits-2988

    Personality: Having spent most of his childhood in combat training, he is very naturally disciplined and is used to following orders, as such he does not speak his mind often, unless someone directly tells him that he can. He is so good at hiding his personality that some people who don't know him personally or only see him in official business think he is like a robot, but those who meet him outside of work see a very relaxed and cheerful personality.
    Strengths: He has a good sense of justice. Has been hardened for combat so he does not falter or hesitate.
    Weaknesses: His speed can be used against him eg tricking him into running into walls.
    Hobbies: Eating for fun, performing superhuman feats in front of drunk people so they think they're seeing things.
    Quirks: None in particular.

    Powers: Super speed- He can run at super speed, I'll decide how fast while doing his stats.

    Unique physiology - He is completely resistant to the negative effects of running at super speed, this includes not being affected by friction, he does not lose any calories more than a normal human running at normal speeds and he does not run out of stamina instantly as his stamina is high enough so he can run as long as an athlete.


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