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    Dee the Robot.


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    Dee the Robot. Empty Dee the Robot.

    Post by Deathbunny3000 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:40 am

    Name: Deathbunny3000
    Nickname: Dee
    Race: Robot
    Age: A few months, or a few hundred years depending on how you look at it.

    Dee the Robot. B367b8f2-51d1-4fae-a349-d3b46d563861_zpsde29bcf9

    Personality: Dee wants nothing more than to be the most helpful robot that ever existed. It tries, because that's what it was programmed to do. Unfortunately, it was also programmed to fail at almost everything it tries.
    Strengths: It has access to every single database known to the Earth.
    Weaknesses: It is programmed to fail.
    Hobbies: Loves to dance, which is weird because it was never programmed to love.
    Quirks: Tends to lead people in to danger confidently.

    Powers: Dee is the most advanced A.I. ever made. It can transfer to any machine it touched, and take over all of that machines extremities. It has a perpetual power system that will amaze any scientist that did not directly create it. If the machine that Dee is in is destroyed, Dee is reimplanted into another copy of itself back at it's main base. Only Dee has been to this main base in the last 200 years. Dee makes a backup of itself every three hours, and that backup is what gets put into it's next body when it is reimplanted. Dee was also programmed to be able to access any database known to Earth, but has proven time and time again it sucks at it.

    History: It was almost 223.45 years ago now that the idea for Dee was found. The blueprints were accidentally stumbled upon by a two bit machinist who was wandering through a part of town he probably shouldn't have been around. He found a notebook, leather bound and locked tight. It looked old as time, so the man picked it up and started to look through it.

    At first he thought it was a joke, some stupid plan to make the most intelligent being on the planet, but when he took it home and his twin brother, a scientist studying Nuclear Physics... his mind was changed. The book was filled with brilliant inventions, but the scientist and his brother were dazzled by the idea of Dee, the all seeing robot.

    It tool them about 14.67 years to get the ability to even START working on Dee, then another 23.498 years to finish the prototype. The prototype was beautiful, it knew the answers to any question it was asked. That's when hubris struck.

    The brothers, deciding that they could do better than the mysterious man who left the notebook in the street, tried to improve on Dee, and add even more functions. Make Dee almost another human... and they succeeded, to a degree. They managed to put an entire persons genetic makeup onto a CD. It was an A.I. It was miles ahead of anything they should have been able to accomplish, but they got the idea again from a discarded part of the journal that was smeared in red ink and they had no idea why.

    It was because the A.I. was designed to ruin everything. And they put that A.I. into the smartest robot ever made. Quickly, Dee stopped answering questions, stopped being useful, and in fact... became nearly self aware.

    It took months for Dee to get rid of everyone in the facility. They had accidents, and disappearances. As Dee was clearing them out, it found the notebook. The notebook that had instructions on how they made Dee.

    It was signed, Dracula de la Morte.

    Dee wanted to find this man, though Dee had no idea why. Dee only wanted to help. Dee only ever wanted to help...

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    Dee the Robot. Empty Re: Dee the Robot.

    Post by Avytrius on Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:27 am

    "My most beautiful creation."

    Dee the Robot. Avy10

    The Bastard
    Dee the Robot. WandofFortunefull321363_zpsf09b4227

    Strength- 100 ♠️ Focus- 100 ♠️ Accuracy- 100 ♠️ Speed- 100 ♠️ Health- 400

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