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    Rika C. Sinaura


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    Rika C. Sinaura Empty Rika C. Sinaura

    Post by ari-chii on Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:35 pm

    Rika C. Sinaura Meguri10

    Name: Rika Cinclaire Sinaura
    Race: Angel
    Age: Appearance of 21 but age is unknown.

    Hair Style: Long and wavy
    Hair Color: Pink with very light purple-blue tips
    Eye Color: Blue with slight purple
    Clothing: Top is just as the picture, black fitted shorts with thigh high socks, and white knee high boots
    Accessories:Wears diamond earrings on both ears, wears a gold bracelet on her right wrist, a thin gold necklace around her neck and her wedding ring on her left index finger.

    Personality: Gentle demeanor, is shy occasionally, stubborn, motherly, and can be sassy at times.
    Strengths: Rika can be extremely stubborn, but makes her determined to face any enemy or any situation.
    Weaknesses: She is very gullible and too trusting.
    Hobbies: A very strange hobby she has, it's fortune-telling. She can read the stars or look deep into your eyes to give a reading.
    Quirks: Rika has a habit of spacing out and running into things. This happens when she thinks to much into something.

    Starting Level(0-3): Level 3
    Water Generation and Manipulation: Rika can generate massive amounts of water, and control it on the molecular level. With this amount of control, she can transform the water into ice, or water vapor. She can use this amount of control to flash freeze people, for example, if they're covered in water vapor. In addition, she can control the water/ice/water vapor in her vicinity.
    Healing: Rika uses her angelic aura to heal scars and wounds.

    History: As a pure blooded angel, Rika has been seen as a a "rare" being. Though it is kind of rare to find a pure-blooded angel. Didn't have a really...fond childhood. Out of old habits, Rika acts motherly to everyone she meets. Though she's glad to meet new people and enjoy time with her friends and loved ones.

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    Rika C. Sinaura Empty Re: Rika C. Sinaura

    Post by Bloo on Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:43 am

    With the new patch, you don't need to pick a starting level~

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