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    Post by RoyLancaster on Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:42 pm

    I returned to my home, a small... Well, you could call it a cottage in the middle of nowhere. It didn't have electricity, nor anything else fancy. All it held were some books and a bed, and a door to a cellar down below. That was all I had, because that was all I needed.

    I didn't stop for anything. I headed straight for the cellar. It was where the only source of light was, which was soon revealed (not really revealed, since I knew what it was anyway, since I made it) to be candles surrounding a pit on the floor. I couldn't find any clear cut definitions on what would work, so I went with the cliche.

    I glanced down the pit, seeing a very faint glow. It made me smile. I averted my attention then to the walls of this circular room, which had thirteen different designs engraved into it, some of which seemed to be painted with blood. Well, no, it didn't seem to be. It was painted with blood.

    Number eleven, coming right up... I fished around in my suit coat thing, pulling out a vial about the size of a balled up fist. It, too, was laden with blood, which was fresh. It was what I was on my way home from gathering before I bumped into the assassin kid. I took this vial and dropped it straight into the pit.

    After a moment, one of the thirteen images (coincidentally, the eleventh) began to fill with blood, seemingly from nowhere. I felt what felt like an aura of satisfaction emanating from the pit. With a satisfied grin on my face, I spun around and left the cellar, entering the car and leaving my cottage in the dust. And rain.

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