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    Post by EventMaster on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:04 pm

    Ares was unsure, though his expression remained the same. He didn't know if he should tell the man where the enemy base was. Of course he knew, but he didn't want to send them another ally. It'd probably be best if this ninja caught them in the middle of doing something violent in the city. That'd be for the best.

    "No, I don't actually. But I expect them to be making a move in the next couple days, assuming Kaname and his friend are both alive and well. I doubt he'll be with them. He was injured near death, as you said, and would take at least a few weeks for him to recover. I just ask that you keep your eyes open for them. I'll be in touch with you soon."

    Ares said surely, turning his back on the man and dropping the suppression field, as if to prove a point. He returned to his car, climbing in extra slow. While he shut the door, he glanced out to see the man again, assuming he was still visible as the car drove away.
    Dorian Featherfall
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    Post by Dorian Featherfall on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:03 pm

    Something didn't sit right with Dorian. He felt as if the Commander was skipping out on a couple details, but secrecy is always a big part of the military. He was pretty much going to be on his own, not that he minded, but he was hoping for a bit more of a lead. If he was that injured, then he most likely won't retaliate on the same night, and planning an assassination takes more than a couple of hours.

    When Ares turned back to his vehicle, Dorian could feel his chi flowing freely again, and immediately turned invisible just to make sure his powers returned. As he drove away, the ninja jumped up to the side of the alleyway, and bounced off, making his way to the rooftops once more to doing a couple of rounds before he called it a night.

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