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    Ayden Hume


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    Ayden Hume Empty Ayden Hume

    Post by myname_989 on Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:28 pm

    Name: Ayden Hume
    Nickname: None
    Race: Human (?)
    Age: 28

    Hair Color: Black, but shaved to the root, making him look almost bald.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Clothing: Well dressed. Often wears expensive suits.
    Accessories: Expensive sunglasses. Expensive watch. Expensive tie pin and cuff-links.
    Other Details: Has an impeccable sense of style. He is a handsome man with a fortune to spend and knows it.

    Personality: Cold and distant. Arrogant and demanding. Self-centered and heartless.
    Strengths: A natural-born leader. Strong physique and a trained martial artist, although this has no relation to his abilities. More of an expensive hobby for a wealthy man. Brilliant mind. Business savvy.
    Weaknesses: Trusts no one. Prefers to work alone. Has serious mental issues, including the eradication of the "diseased" citizens of Alacritas City.
    Hobbies: Martial arts, fine wines and objectifying women.
    Quirks: None that are all that obvious. Has a tendency to degrade people when speaking.

    Starting Level(0-3): 3, but chooses not to reveal his powers in an open sense.
    Powers: Persuasion - Based on the focus (and endurance) statistics, Ayden has the power of persuasion. It is a form of mind control. For example, if he tells you to punch yourself in the face and his focus is higher than your endurance, you will punch yourself in the face. The ability has a broad range of uses.

    History: Ayden Hume is the son of a billionaire. His father made a fortune through hard work and dedication and his son inherited none of those honorable attributes. Instead, he farmed off the responsibility to various suckers and focused on more...important...aspects.

    He has always had a fascination for Alacritas City. He saw it as an opportunity. A rise to power. His ability gave him an advantage, but he kept it a secret. That was the glorious part about being "special"—he could pretend that he wasn't. It was a glorious advantage that made him look weak without revealing his secrets to his competition.

    Many would perceive Ayden's cold and ruthless nature as a disadvantage, but it was actually just the opposite. He had no feelings for any individual person and ran  his life like it was automated, so long as he was satisfied.

    He became obsessed with training his body and had the physique to prove it. He was a handsome man never seen in public without a woman (or two) on his arm, but he had no real feelings for anyone other than himself.

    His life made him the perfect villain. He had a ton of money at his disposal. He was cold and ruthless, but perhaps most importantly, he was mentally unstable enough to achieve his only real goal: The eradication of Alacritas City.

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    Ayden Hume Empty Re: Ayden Hume

    Post by Bloo on Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:41 pm

    Approved, but a note that your persuasion is overpowerable. If their endurance is high enough, then they're just immune to it, and don't need to waste an action on it. An example of a physical overpower would be something like... Grabbing the fist you told them to punch themselves with and holding it back while they charge at you. An example of a physical counter would be just using their own willpower and forcing the hand down.

    Focus could get a little trickier, but it can be done if it makes sense. That'll be more case by case basis.

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