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    The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic


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    The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic Empty The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic

    Post by Loverboy on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:25 pm

    Name: Turaic.
    Nickname: Loverboy.
    Race: Homosensual.
    Age: Whatever.

    The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic Taricarmorofthe5thageas

    Personality: Turaic is outrageous.
    Strengths: Turaic is outrageous at being fabulous.
    Weaknesses: Men.
    Hobbies: Men.
    Quirks: He's outrageous.

    Starting Level(0-3): 3
    Powers: Gemcraft. Turaic's Gemcraft powers, which stem from his hammer and armor (mainly shoulderpads, tbh), are mostly utilized in six ways. Each and every one revolves around an aura of some sort, which are emanated by Turaic's gems.
    Turaic's first power, "Seh-Ksee," is to cloud his appearance. This does not really qualify as an illusion, as it only applies to himself, and it makes him appear as he appears in the image above. This aura is his most powerful, and not something he can remove. It is permanent and he cannot do anything about it on a normal basis.
    His second aura, "Pahsiiv," revolves around the other auras. This one stems mostly from his hammer. In essence, depending on how many other auras Turaic has up in combat, the hammer can hit harder and harder. This aura and the image clouding aura are constantly up, so the power ranges from two to six auras. With two auras, a hammer smash can break bone. With three auras, a hammer smash can break bones that aren't even hit, just close to the smashed ones. With four auras, a hammer smash on the ground can create a sizeable crater, and causes a bit of a shockwave. It can send a man flying with a strike at this point as well. With five auras, a hammer smash can bring down a building, or create a fissure in the earth, or can pop a normal human like a grape. With all six auras, the hammer reaches the epitome of its power, and the destruction caused can be rated as equal to a medium sized earthquake. It can rend the ground apart, destroy buildings, cause tsunamis if used underwater, or simply obliterate a normal human to the point where there is little left than red squish. This power improves as Turaic gains levels; the hammer has an aura cap, even if Turaic himself has more auras than that active. At level 0, only 1 aura counts. At level 1, only 2 auras count. At level 2, 3 auras count. At level 3, 4 auras count. At level 4, 5 auras count. At level 5, all 6 auras count.
    Turaic's third aura, "Kyewe," is a regeneration aura. He can either apply this aura to himself or one other person. If applied to another, the regeneration aura still affects Turaic, as he is the source and the aura cannot evade him. If applied to himself, however, the regeneration is more powerful, healing wounds at an increased rate. This aura not only regenerates wounds already taken, but continuously heals wounds that are received while the aura is active.
    Turaic's fourth aura, "Dubl-Euwe," is a two-part aura. The first part is a defensive aura, that hardens Turaic's skin and armor, making him less susceptible to damage. Any allies within Turaic's aura range also receive a small defensive boost. The second part of this aura is offensive. The aura bursts outward, continually flowing with energy. Any foes struck by the outward burst are harmed by force equal to the current "Pahsiiv" level, and have their own defenses weakened. Their defenses are continually weakened, to a point, while inside the flowing energy left over from the burst. Turaic and his allies do not receive the defensive increase while "Dubl-Euwe" is in its offensive state.
    Turaic's fifth aura, "Eieye," is the shortest lasting aura he has. It is a simple burst, very focused, but anyone caught within this simple, focused burst is shocked by the overflow of aura rushing through them and is temporarily stunned. While this aura only lasts a few seconds, it can be pivotal to Turaic in accomplishing his goals.
    Turaic's sixth and final aura, "Ahrre," is a simple one, yet arguably his most powerful. It is a giant radiant blast of energy coming outward from Turaic, with a large range of damage. While the brilliant aura emanates from Turaic, he and any allies within his aura feel both their physical and magical powers boosted.
    When Turaic has all six auras up, he is able to fully unleash his powers, and can negate the effect of his first aura, "Seh-Ksee." In addition, the effects of all of Turaic's auras resonate with each other, improving their effectiveness by about 50%. When this happens, Turaic's true form is revealed, as is his true motive, which all men of the world should beware.
    Turaic's true form, when "Seh-Ksee" is negated, is below:
    The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic Tumblr_mr47cimplU1rilszdo1_500

    History: Once upon a time, there was a Turaic. And he was fabulous.

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    The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic Empty Re: The Outrageous, Fabulous Turaic

    Post by Bloo on Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:58 am

    How do you plan on these auras working, stat wise? Like when someone is under regeneration, how do they regenerate?

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