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    Shugo Umare


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    Shugo Umare Empty Shugo Umare

    Post by Scourge on Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:50 pm

    S H U G O   U M A R E

    Shugo Umare Shugo3_zps25447f97

    Name: Shugo Umare
    Nickname: Shu / Umare
    Race: Demon [Hurr-hurr Cliche.]
    Age: Appears to be in her twenties.

    Hair Style: Long and loose.
    Hair Color: Crimson red.
    Eye Color: Dark crimson red.
    Clothing: Off the shoulder black tear shirt, acid worn jean shorts, and black combat boots.
    Accessories: A dagger named Nisshu, which she values above all of her other worldly assets, sheathed at her thigh. A small switch knife hidden in her boots.
    Other Details: Oftentimes Shugo is completely decked out with hidden switch-knives, even keeping one between her breasts, or the occasional gun. [Haha I said breasts. -Snicker-]

    Personality: Crude, base, informal, lazy, easily-bored, cruel, and anti-social.
    Weaknesses: Admittedly... she isn't the most-- intelligent creature you've ever met...
    Strengths: Her weakness is also one of her strengths. She is so simple, that sometimes she doesn't even have the presence of mind to think things through, and in some cases, this spontaneity saves her rear-end. It's difficult to guess what she is thinking... because oftentimes... she isn't.
    Hobbies: Drinking, looking for new drugs, and scouting around for the occasional male stripper. Also; wreaking havoc a-midst the innocent.
    Quirks: She is quite the drinker, and although she can hold her alcohol very well, oftentimes she drinks so much that she very quickly passes her limit. She has a bad-habit of getting defensive too quickly.

    Starting Level(0-3): 3
    Powers: Generation and Manipulation of Shadow wolves. Meaning that she can create, mold, and control any wolf that she creates. Shugo can create one wolf per action. She can also combine wolves with one action. Shugo can mold the Shadow wolves into a sort of Armor as well, giving her the benefit of some extra protection if needed, although usually, she uses a more reckless style of fighting where she focuses more on offensive maneuvers.

    Shugo can spawn one shadow wolf per action.
    Shugo's shadow wolves stay on the battlefield until they are destroyed. Each of Shugo's shadow wolves have a "Health" of their own, which are equivalent to her Focus.
    Shugo can move any amount of present Shadow Wolves with one action. -- If Shugo has two shadow wolves out, she can use both to attack in one action.
    Shugo can combine two wolves with one action.

    History: Shugo's past is a bit of a mottled, undefined mess. There was her birth, being demon spawn, she was a direct result of the Devil. Then there was the period of her life where she came to love her abilities, and thirsted for blood. Then there was lots of alcohol, lots of drugs, and a fair bit of a gray area where she lived a monotonous life with her brother, Kyte. Without Kyte, she would have probably laid comatose in a ditch somewhere long ago until present day, because he does a brilliant job of keeping her in line. Shugo once made the mistake of attacking Kyte's daughter, and was nearly permanently paralyzed. Needless to say she did not make that mistake twice...

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    Post by Avytrius on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:26 am

    Haha. Dork.

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